Travelling to me is the best excuse to eat delicious food, visit museums to get your learn on, and adventure to sights you could only dream of.

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My fascination with politics and cultural complexities provide unique insight into what it means to be living in this moment in history.

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Modern romance is messy, exciting, and hilarious. Live vicariously through me as I navigate this evolving world.

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Who is Torey?

I am a freelance writer committed to customizing my pieces to my client’s specific needs. I specialize in combining light-hearted themes with well-researched information in order to create a piece that is accessible to wide audiences but more informative than your average article.

My major in Political Science and Minor in Hispanic studies means I have an academic focus in Latin America but my political savvy can be applied to any context. My love for travel combined with my school-smarts results in unique writing that forces theory and practice to meet head-on.

Travel, Politics, and Love are the main themes I cover in my own writing but I am versatile and open to any type of project. My research abilities mean I can search, adapt and produce an article that reads naturally despite being packed with information.

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Me too. Get in touch with me and let’s get started on your project!